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Ensure that your radiators are working efficiently with a powerflush

12 Oct 2017

A powerflush is a process that gives your central heating system a thorough internal clean, which will improve the its performance, potentially reduce your heating bills and extend the lifespan of the system. 

Why powerflush? 

Because the water in a central heating system is always pumped in the same direction, over time iron filings, sludge, oil and grease all build up within each radiator. This has a detrimental effect on the efficiency of both your radiators and your boiler - in fact, your whole central heating system is impacted and its life expectancy reduced.

How to tell if you need this done

The symptoms of a system having poor circulation - the result of a build up of sludge - can include; lukewarm radiators, a poor supply of hot water, having one or more radiators that feel cold at the bottom or that require frequent bleeding, or even a noisy boiler.

Get advice from a trustworthy professional 

These Symptoms can be easily confused with other problems so it is best to get professional advise before investing in having a powerflush performed on your system. We have heard of some companies jumping on the powerflushing bandwagon and persuading people to have this done even when it is not necessary. Epic uses state of the art diagnostic equipment to assess whether a system is being compromised and might benefit frrom powerflushing.  

Professional powerflushing

To powerflush a heating system we flush it in different directions; this agitates the sludge and debris allowing it to be drained of deposits. Special chemicals are used to ensure the breakdown of the sludge inside the system, prior to the deposits being removed using in-line magnetic filtration. What comes out is not a pretty sight - but imagine how much better the system will work once this debris has been removed! 

If you would like to know more, or think your system may need powerflushing, simply give us a call.

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