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Case studies

Read what our customers have to say about working with our Epic team.

New en-suite bathroom


We wanted to replace our en-suite bathroom and chose Steve and his team to do the job because we’d heard such good things about the quality of their work from friends and family members. I had a picture in my mind’s eye of what I wanted, and it meant taking everything out and moving things around. I talked my ideas through with Steve and he assured me that it would be no problem – his team would be able to do it all.

Their expertise helped us get exactly what we wanted

I’d say it was thanks to Steve’s expert advice and hard work that my new bathroom turned out exactly as I wanted it. To begin with he suggested some excellent places to view and buy a new bathroom suite and I quickly found just what I wanted. Steve’s experience helped ensure that we got the best items to suit our requirements; he reviewed what we had selected and recommended where we should go for a slightly higher quality. For example, we wanted a big walk-in shower, so buying a better quality shower tray was a great idea.  

Punctual, efficient and timely

Steve planned the project and everything went like clockwork, with each person turning up when their job was ready to begin. The whole team worked really well together.

With some builders, you have to wait around, but if Steve's team said they’d be there at one minute to eight, the van was on the driveway exactly on time. We were never left waiting around for them. 

Clean and tidy

They were very clean and tidy, putting covers down to protect things and always clearing up after themselves at the end of the day. The bathroom is (of course) right next to our bedroom, which could have caused some inconvenience, but the boys used plastic sheeting which stopped the dust from migrating into our room.

They were all such lovely guys. I felt I could trust them to be left in my home and to get on with the job. They also delivered great value for money. I have already recommended them successfully to four or five friends and colleagues who want a new bathroom, and to one who wanted a new boiler. 

Feedback kindly supplied by Lynn Parsons

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